Scrivner Changed my (Writing) Life

Scrivner is awesome.  It’s awesome because:

It allows you to easily work on and locate just one part of the document at a time.

It allows you to store all of your research, musings, meanderings, footnotes, images etc. into one project

It automatically formats your work into the appropriate size /shape / fonts for submission

It has an awesome outliner, corkboard feature that let’s you put together a synopsis and rearrange your document portions by using index cards.

It is $40.  So the ROI on that is something like 1,000,000x what you put into it.


The firs time I used Scrivner, I produced as much content in 1 sitting as I had in 10 hours previous.


Thank you Scrivner Gods. : )



Because I want to That’s Why

It’s OK to mess around. It’s OK to not have a plan. Today, I’m giving myself my Art Permit.